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Montefiore Medicine provides technical, professional, and leadership learning and development opportunities....
MECIS is a state-of-the-art simulation center offering a multi-disciplinary training environment for healthcare....
The Learning Technologies team is dedicated to creating rich educational experiences for Montefiore associates.....
We are committed to enhancing the health and effectiveness of the organization as-a-whole, using behavioral....
Cultivating a coaching culture involves more than simply offering lots of coaching and mentoring. It requires a shift....

About Us

We Are Montefiore Learning Network
The Montefiore Learning Network serves as the Learning & OrganizationDevelopment function for Montefiore Health System. We provide associates withgrowth and development opportunities that enhance their sense of engagement,positively influencing the delivery of care and the patient experience at Montefiore
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In response to our previous engagement survey, and in preparation for the 2020/2021 survey cycle, we have kicked off our Employee Engagement Training Programs. Montefiore is committed to increasing engagement across all levels of the organization and has created three programs launched in a cascading approach starting with the “Inspirational Leadership Program” for senior leaders, “Engagement Equation Program” for the next levels of directors / managers, and “Taking Control of Your Engagement Program” for associates.

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Leadership & Professional Imperatives

A critical strategic action of successful organizations is to define a framework that defines and drives success. One Team, One Montefiore/ Einstein is a framework consisting of Six Imperatives that drive success in our organization.

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