The Montefiore Learning Network, in partnership with Montefiore Health System executives, have designed leadership academies focused on building the leadership and business skills required of clinicians and healthcare administrative leaders today and in the future.  While the academies vary by role, they share a comprehensive goal:

To equip Montefiore’s leaders with the skills, insights, and connections needed to lead others to achieve Montefiore’s mission.

Physician Leadership Academy
Nurse Leadership Academy

Physician Leadership Academy

Meeting the challenges facing Montefiore Health System today requires not just great teams and clinical practices, but great leaders that build on our exemplary clinical knowledge and practice experience.  The Montefiore Physician Leadership Academy was designed to provide our physicians with the leadership and business skills critical in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.  Few medical programs make a significant effort to prepare clinicians to take on leadership roles.

Through a variety of programs and experiences, we are committed to preparing physicians for greater successes and an enhanced work experience at all organizational levels. 

Physician Leadership Program
Physician as Leader

Nurse Leadership Academy

Nurse leaders are pivotal in ensuring quality care, as well as the development, retention, and level of engagement of the staff, and overall unit productivity.  To be successful, nurse leaders must possess administrative confidence, business and financial skills, broad clinical expertise and a thorough understanding of leadership principles.

Curriculum in Montefiore’s Nurse Leadership Academy is aligned to both Montefiore’s leadership imperatives and AONL’s leadership competencies and is designed to help nurse leaders achieve the highest levels of individual and team performance.  


Nurse Manager Program