Consulting Organization Development

We are committed to enhancing the health and effectiveness of the organization as-a-whole, using behavioral science knowledge and principles. We develop organizational capability by aligning strategy with structure, management processes, people, and culture through planned, organization-wide initiatives that are managed from the top. Every consulting intervention is unique, and therefore we design our interventions based on our client’s needs at the individual, team, or organizational level.

We use the below process in our work with clients:
Assessments provide a clear and objective view of the current state. We work with our clients to understand and assess their context and needs through surveys, interviews, focus group discussions and assessments to assess the current state and identify the desired future state.
Based on the needs assessment, we do a thorough and comprehensive review and analysis of the data, identify consistent themes and trends to understand the perception of ‘what is’ and explore future needs to create a strong and meaningful base for visioning and strategic planning.
Based on the diagnostics, we summarize and report findings, propose short-term and long-term recommendations based on evidence-based tools and methodologies to help reach the desired future state.
We meet with our key stakeholders to discuss the design and implementation of interventions to address the issues identified. Once we are aligned on our way forward, we work with them to plan and implement interventions.
We measure progress/change through an assessment within 3-6 months after the intervention. Thereafter, we design and implement course corrections to ensure that we achieve the desired outcome that is sustainable and long-lasting.

Services offered

Our team has rich domain expertise, extensive work experience, and a thorough understanding of the organization’s policies and procedures that help us fully realize our potential to make positive and significant contributions to Montefiore Health System. We provide a variety of services that cover a wide range of issues. The services include:

Engagement and Action planning
Change Management Consulting
Cultural Competency
Team and performance consulting
Behavioral assessments, focus groups, and surveys
Team Retreats - design and facilitation
Strategic planning, goal setting, and implementation consulting