Leadership & Professional Imperatives

A critical strategic action of successful organizations is to define a framework that defines and drives success. One Team, One Montefiore/ Einstein is a framework consisting of Six Imperatives that drive success in our organization.

Within each Imperative are a set of Capabilities, consisting of specific behaviors, skills, attitudes, and abilities that illustrate what is required for each individual to be successful at all levels of Montefiore/ Einstein— from professional to executive, today and in the future.  

Developing the capabilities of our workforce is essential for achieving today’s business goals and ensuring Montefiore/Einstein’s lasting success. Defining our imperatives and capabilities helps the health system attract the right talent, develop them, and reward our top talent. This framework forms the basis of all Montefiore Learning Network initiatives, programs, and courses. The imperatives and capabilities have been thoroughly researched and aligned with industry-leading and best practice capability models while also being tailored and customized to represent our unique culture. We have incorporated input and feedback from associates across the organization at all levels. 

The imperatives and capabilities are meant to complement clinical competency models and the technical skills required to successfully perform a role at Montefiore/Einstein.

Stay tuned for more info Imperative and Capability Guide, development planner, development guides, Individual development planner, policy, and assessments.

Outline- Levels

  • Build Effective Partnerships
  • Drive Results and Achieves Outcomes
  • Transform the Future of Healthcare
  • Leads Mission through Vision, Integrity and Ethics
  • Engage the Team and Develop Talent
  • Manage With Effective Business

Build Effective Partnerships

  • Develops Relationships
  • Communicates with Positive Impact
Leader of others
  • Forges Synergy Through Communication
  • Displays Self Awareness & Builds Interpersonal Relationships
  • Leads with Social Acumen
  • Builds Effective Teams
Leader of Leaders
  • Advances inter-Professional Collaboration
  • Engages Partners Across the Health System
  • Cultivates Clinical and business partnerships
  • Inspires Others
  • Fosters a patient/Customer Focused Environment

Drive Results and Achieves Outcomes

  • Strives for Excellence
  • Takes Accountability
  • Contributes to Continuous Improvement
  • Collaborates & Contributes to Success
Leader of others
  • Delegates Effectively
  • Takes Initiative
  • Drives Results
Leader of Leaders
  • Guides Execution
  • Strengthens Business Results
  • Bridges Sillos
  • Seizes Market Opportunities
  • Drives Execution

Transform the Future of Healthcare

  • Demonstrates Client/Patient-Centered Service Orientation
  • Promotes Patient & Health Education
  • Conveys Innovation & Creativity
  • Leads Continuous Improvement
Leader of others
  • Knows the Healthcare Environment
  • Demonstrates and Promotes Cultural Competency
  • Contributes to change efforts and prepares others
Leader of Leaders
  • Cultivates Innovation
  • Build a Learning Cultural
  • Leads Changes
  • Inspires Innovation
  • Develops an Organizational Learning Culture
  • Champions Change

Leads Mission through Vision, Integrity and Ethics

  • Demonstrates Integrity
  • Creates inclusive Environment
Leader of others
  • Leverages Diversity
  • Effectively Manages Risk
  • Demonstrates Professional and Social Responsibility
Leader of Leaders
  • Leads Through Mission & values
  • Enhances Organizational Climate
  • Leads with Integrity
  • Establishes & Models Cultural Norms & Expectations
  • Leads with Vision

Engage the Team and Develop Talent

  • Pursues & Applies Knowledge
  • Takes Control of Personal Engagement
  • Models Courtesy and Respect
Leader of others
  • Leads the Team
  • Effectively Manages Risk
  • Demonstrates Professional and Social Responsibility
Leader of Leaders
  • Inspires the Transfer of Knowledge
  • Develops Leaders and Others
  • Mentors Others
  • Serves as an Ambassador
  • Builds Organizational Talent

Manage With Effective Business

  • Problem Solver
  • Decision Maker
  • Possesses Safety Awareness/Intervention
Leader of others
  • Manages Team Performance
  • Manages Resources
  • Manages projects
  • Understands Business Principles
  • Resolves Conflicts
Leader of Leaders
  • Manages Organizational Dynamics & Governance
  • Conveys Executive Presence
  • Applies Industry Awareness & Business Acumen
  • Bolsters Public Relations
  • Leads With Courage
  • Possesses a Strategic Orientation