Talent Management & Succession Planning

Montefiore is committed to providing the organization with a comprehensive, integrated strategy and system to attract, develop, engage, and retain associates to meet current and future talent needs. 

Talent management supports the achievement of the Montefiore’s strategic agenda by incorporating our mission, vision, values, business challenges, goals, and standards as a critical input to successfully identify and assess the talent capabilities needed to meet the short- and long-term strategic objectives. The base for all the talent management programs is the definition of the attributes and skills an Associate, at any level of the organization, requires to be successful at Montefiore. This framework is known as Leadership and Professional Imperatives and Capabilities. 

The talent management services are intended to identify and assess the talent we currently have, versus the talent needed in the future, and proactively plan the development, learning, and mobility strategies of the workforce to ensure the sustainability and competitive advantage of our organization. The Talent management offerings include Successful Profiles, Performance Management, Talent Councils, Succession Planning, Talent Pools, High Potential Programs, and Career Ladders, among other initiatives.  Talent management partners with other practices within the Learning Network to ensure a holist Talent Agenda.

Course Outline / Programs
The Performance Management Process at Montefiore drives higher performance through a clear goals' definition, ongoing alignment conversations, and ultimately differentiate Associates' contributions by evaluating goals, behaviors, and day-to-day performance. The three components of this process are Goal setting, feedback, and performance review. The framework of the Performance Management Process includes the methodology, communication approach, change management plan, forms, tools, and training material to successfully roll-out and sustain a Performance culture.
Talent Reviews are part of Montefiore's efforts to know the skills and capabilities of the talent we have, assess their development needs to respond to Montefiore's needs. Talent Reviews allow leaders to analyze the business goals and have a meaningful conversation on the current talent we have, the talent needed and provide the information necessary to make talent decisions. Talent reviews are primarily used in the succession planning process. Still, talent reviews are a powerful resource to use on the identification of the talent, facilitating their allocation in large impact projects, reorganizational design, redeployment of talent, and to determine talent pools for critical positions that are not part of succession planning.
Succession Planning focuses our efforts on discussing the pipeline of talent, identifying them at various stages of readiness to assume critical and/or senior roles at Montefiore. Succession Planning maps the talent considering key variables such as performance, potential, associate's experience, key capabilities, and career aspirations, determining the gaps and development plans required to prepare the talent for their potential future roles. Succession planning provides senior leaders with insights and data to make smart talent decisions.
Montefiore is committed to providing associates with mobility opportunities, including lateral, diagonal, and vertical movement from position to position. Career Pathing outline the roadmap for associates to align their growth aspirations with Montefiore talent priorities. The career pathing framework describes the imperatives, capabilities, skills, knowledge, and experience required to take a specific career path, alongside with tools, resources, and learning offering to support associates in their development journey.